If you are taking the time to read this blog today then I hope that it will entertain you somewhat. I hail from a small market town in Lancashire called Ormskirk but spent most of my time with my farming family in Halsall a small village where everyone was married or related to each other. My grandmother had oodles of family, brothers, sisters aunts and uncles etc. One of these Aunts I have just discovered was a professional milliner. She owned a smart fur and millinery shop on Lord Street, Southport in from the 20’s – 60’s, and I do distantly remember this shop, going to see ‘Auntie Florence’ on the occassional Saturday with my grandmother who would catch up on local goings on and gossip, while I lost time trying on the furs and hats, with Flo patiently directing me to the different styles of hats and setting them just right on my little head. It must have been close to her finishing her time as a milliner as it was the late 60’s, I was about 7 or 8 and she was into her 60’s at this point. So …… I wonder if the souls beyond this living world do influence our paths, setting in motion events and ideas that will change our lives. Maybe they are our second thoughts, our restraint our courage or timidity. Perhaps they nudge us towards or prevent us from taking paths that will be unproductive or damaging to us, that is, if we are not to learn from that experience. Whether you believe or not i like to think that I was always intended to make hats at some point but the right opportunity and time needed to do it was just waiting to present itself.

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