I am finally back from Sherringham 1940’s weekend and what a lovely weekend it was. The sun was out for most of the time and no coats were required. All the traders could safely relax knowing that their wares weren’t going to be blown about or lost overnight to dampness and rain. However there seems to be changes afoot on a few fronts and traders were noticing that show attendees were quite different this year. Not as many true re-enactors in evidence and a lot more people dressing just for the day. All trading was down on last year and though footfall was high, it didn’t show in sales all round, even the town traders and shops were commenting. What has happened? Often due to becoming very popular things start to change, crowd control and safety becomes a problem, new commercial managers arrive with new ideas that are not always in the best interest. A platform ticket which is usually £2 per person to look at the trading stands etc was raised to £5 per person, which becomes pricey for a family, so many were refusing to pay. A large naafi and beer tent was erected at Holt station trading field which had a knock on effect of slightly drunken customers tripping and knocking over stands and displays, with glasses of wine in hand. The music was however excellent coming from a big stage with a good sized ‘40’s style band and singers, which was great as we could here them from our tent. On the whole it was a good weekend and we met lovely customers and traders as usual. Thanks to all who visited me with their previous hats (still looking good) and those that purchased this year. We hope to see you next year! As always I look forward to the Autumn as I start to look ahead to forming a new skill set, this year I am focusing on tiara work and crinoline and I am off to London in November to a milliner who specialises in both for some intensive training.

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