The hat courses didn’t occur and a few days before travelling, they were cancelled due to lack of interest. Now the Tiara and bead workshop I could accept, but crin is whole different matter. We had been asked to make many preparations before attending, which were now pretty much useless. Undeterred I scoured Youtube for some help and found that a soldering iron and sprung wire are vital components. Armed with both I managed to create a 40’s inspired summer race hat. Crin is fiddly for me but has endless possibilities for creativity and I haven’t been put off. Two new hat blocks arrived form Guy Morse Brown, 40’s/50’s inspired caplet crowns and have proved quite fiddly to work with but the results will be great. I decided to book some spaces at the Great London Hat week to sell my hats, under the label ‘Minivers 21C’ using modern fabrics but still with a nod to a lesser vintage style . I’m on the fourth hat with 6 more to do for Spring. After the Autumn of Crin I took a well earned rest over the December period. My son and now family had moved in temporarily, relocating from Slough back down to Somerset to raise their family and begin their new careers and life. Whilst waiting for houses to exchange etc I have had the added bonus of getting to know my little grand-daughter properly. They are here for 8 weeks and now that she is crawling, we have been scouring floors for pins, and all millinery danger for little exploring hands. I shall also be having the privilege of watching her twice a week until she starts school. Game on!

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