Precisely 7 weeks ago I became a Maime (grandmother) for the first time. A new life has entered our family and she is called Polly. As soon as I knew she was on her way into this world August last year, I began fashioning a hat for her. The first was a crocheted cream skull cap for her to wear and more recently a floppy bobble hat with a pom pom in fairisle knit. Again even as babies humans look lovely in a hat!! The new family plus my other two boys and their girlfriends of many years are set to attend the Sherringham 40’s weekend and they are already talking about their outfits and of course hatwear to wear. Polly is to wear a typical 40’s soft style bonnet but not ‘too fussy’ says her mum!

Having a baby in the family has helped enormously to manage grief which I have to say has hit me like a ton weight this time round, with my dad 16 years ago it seemed less invasive, but losing mum has been debilitating on many fronts, however 7 months on I feel as bit lighter, the dark days are easing and have found my hat mojo again. Mum would have loved little Polly but she would have said the old make way for the new, which is exactly what has happened.

Current hats are coming along but as of today we have had a Bank Holiday record heatwave, in fact in my car yesterday the outside temp was 28 degrees….. cant begin to tell you what temp it must have been in the shed and it was not a pleasant time stitching in that heat, but hats have been completed and are now up on the web. It’s cooling off over the next week so shed heat shock will be much reduced.

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