As I sit here blogging away, my wonderful partner in life, Tim is busily packing up the van and caravan with boxes of hats, tent poles and awnings, boxes full of other additional goodies and clothes. It is always an exciting time, preparing for this weekend which has taken all year to achieve. Going back to Sherringham will be tinged with much sadness that mum isn’t with me to see her skills passed on in the form of hats awaiting new heads! However this year I have my little granddaughter six months old attending with her parents for the weekend. Along with my other son and his girlfriend. All getting to the 40’s spirit. My little granddaughter will be in a lovely 40’s style dress with a matching bonnet. So even though it will be a sad time in some respects, life moves forward, the passage of time eases the hurt and joy is found in new growing life. One year on from losing mum and as the heat of the summer fades, a softer lighter autumn creeps forward washing away the difficult past year and opening up new possibilities for the year ahead.

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