We are now in the middle to latter part of July 2018 and it seems such a long time ago but also a spit in the eye of time since this time last year, little did I know that mum had a short time left and I would be without her quizzical eye over millinery makings. I like to think that as time is now pressing on towards the annual relief of hats made this year and as Sherringham approaches she would be content at 50 plus hats. I still have 8 more to do which is just about acheivable and will hopefully have me return with just a handful. I love making these hats. Each and every one is constructed with mindfulness attention. They are not everyone’s cup of tea and indeed they are certainly not fashionable today but I like to think that within the re-enactment community they bring joy and a feeling of having ‘finished’ off the outfit. Infact the speed at which they rush of the train and pile into the tent, often knocking over hat stands is well worth the time reorganising the display. After spending a great deal of time ‘trying on’ the various shapes and colours with their outfits many also opt for a change in hairstyle to match the hat. Some of these re-enactors will only use exact replica hats, as originals are either too expensive, in poor condition or are too delicate to be worn and this is where the wonderful Owen at Guy Morse Brown hat blocks fills the gap. I pretty much give him a picture or a battered original and he will produce a hat block to match the style. One re-enactor who visits every year for a new hat will only have a stitched hat and will have no glue whatsoever and bemoans the use of it which on hot days softens, seeing flowers, feathers and buttons etc come away from the hat and tumble to the floor. For the serious and all season re-enactor having a wide range of hats to choose from is vital for variety of outfits to be seen in. Re-enactment weekends are held pretty much most weekends from March to October ending with the Goodwood Revival and to be seen in the same outfit and hat time and again needs minimising so I am told. So today I have just uploaded 4 more hats completed and will be pressing on with a few more next week when my fingers will be getting ready for some well earned rest.

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