Well what can I say. Joining facebook was not on my to do list in 2017 but after much pre-empting, encouragement and brainwashing from my eldest son I joined under the name Minivers Millinery and promptly joined the facebook group Millinery UK and what fortuitous action that turned out to be. One week after doing this an invitation to attend a 1 week specialist couture millinery essentials course held at Pinewood Studios and hosted by Justin Smith the esteemed couture Milliner of Justin Smith Esq was posted on the group and I duly signed up for it straightaway. It wasn’t cheap and there were some terms and conditions for attendance namely experience of hat making, sewing and basic technique ability. The week was fantastic and the course was held in the props building at Pinewood and with only 3 of us on the course we had Justin almost in a 1-1 capacity which was fabulous as it allowed him to tailor everyone’s specific needs for the course outcome and I was relieved to find that most of my ability and techniques were as they should be but my ability to work with complex wiring shapes was very much a challenge. The knowledge of different stiffening techniques and fabrics to use and when not to use were also to be mastered but the most interesting point of learning was the creation of a hat with multi layers as done when making a gents hat. I returned to Somerset crammed full of new knowledge and confirmation of old knowledge and much confidence in my ability supported. Being surrounded by ‘creatives’ at Pinewood was an amazing experience and I found that my creative side that has been somewhat buried over the last few years, took flight out of my mind, into my hands and emerged during the hat making process. I shall definitely sign up for more of his courses which are to be in specific techniques…..



It has been so terribly hot this last week and I have to say that I have only managed the morning and late afternoon in the shed as it has been too hot to work. Hopefully I will be able to get more done this next week.

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