Way back in September, just two weeks after my mum passed away, my lovely husband and I were travelling back to her home town, Sherringham, not only to attend her funeral but also to spend a weekend at the glorious Sherringham 40’s steam railway weekend. On our journey I received an email inviting me to submit a hat for The Great Hat Exhibition to be held during London Hat week in March. Now for those of you unfamiliar with exhibiting things (which I was and to some extent still am), being invited to submit is not a guarantee for selection, however on Friday 15th I was sent an email with confirmation that I had been selected along with many others. Now for little old me who has only been ‘hatting’ in seriousness since May this is obviously a huge deal for me. Mum would have been so excited and it would have been wonderful to have taken her as my guest for the private viewing day. London Hat week is in its 4th year and features a whole week of everything hat related, which includes pop up shops around London featuring millinery of many varieties, workshops and demonstrations by renowned milliners, fashion shows for millinery and of course the Great Hat Exhibition, featuring home grown and world wide millinery. It will be wonderful week for hat enthusiasts of all genres. So if you are reading this and can make the week of March 22-28 then I would encourage you to go and check it out. I am also entering a hat competition in March so fingers crossed.

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