Ok, so far so good, I have been very pleased with myself as I have managed to finish at least five hats and have a few others brewing on the blocks. I have got to grips with Instagram, editing this website and facebook. I now see why people go on facebook. It lets you know of things going on that you wouldn’t already know about. Such as courses for hat making for tv, film and theatre. I happened to belong to Millinery UK facebook page and last week there was an invitation for hat makers to attend a 5 or 3 week specialist hat making course held at Pinewood studios either in Cardiff or near Slough. It’s not cheap and it’s not for the novice however I decided to take the plunge and enrol for the 5 day course. It is being hosted by Justin Smith milliner who probably most famously is known for his strange hat creation that Angeline Jolie wore in the film Maleficent. This course is designed to equip the industry professional (not me) or the semi experienced milliner (me) with skills and abilities to transfer into film, tv and theatre work. Apparently there are more than enough sinamay milliners making a variety of fascinators but very few milliners who can block, wire and stiffen in a wide variety of forms and styles essential for managing the millinery needs of the entertainment world. More importantly they stress in the course ‘blurb’ that it is the industry contacts and references that is the key to success after this course and since my dream is to work with period hats within the film and theatre world, it seems this is the course for me. Wish me luck as I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew.

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