The workshop

I create hats that are individually made and designed using styles from the many originals I have acquired over the years or from pictures, templates and patterns from the original 1940's#50’s era. The majority are made out of wool felt and are adorned with a variety of buttons, feathers, bows and ribbon. I try to recreate hats that represent the range of the 1940's and 50’s era from the CC41 austerity period of 'make do and mend', right through to some more elaborate American late 40's early 50's styles.

Hats of these times were designed to be worn at various angles on the head and therefore come with hat elastic or a comb to keep securely in place.  The hats that you see on this site are for sale, however the majority of are sold at re-enactment weekends.  I do take regular commissions and you are welcome to view all the collections past and present to help you decide which style you would like. I have put pictures of hats I have made and prices sold at shows in the past which give you a representative of the styles and colours you could expect to find at my events.

In addition to vintage, I also now create hats with a 21st Century look aptly name Minivers 21C, producing a collection that encompasses amongst others, materials that have been made popular over the last 20 years, Sinamay, Jinsin, Crin etc. Using these wonderful and workable fabrics make millinery full of endless possibilities. You can see a selection of this collection at London Hatmosphere 2019 Pop-Up shop at Old Brompton Gallery, Kensington, the shop will be open from 18th May - 23rd June, where they can be purchased.

I believe that everyone can look good in a hat, or headpiece, it's just a matter of trying on! Therefore I encourage all browsers to open their minds, consider all styles and shapes, sit down at a mirrors and try on as many hats as they like, they won't break! I will guide you to how the hat should sit, working with your own features and hair styles.

I work out of a large wooden shed at the bottom of the garden in Somerset but you can also find me at Sherringham 40's Railway weekend in September, the stall is at the stallholders arena at High Kelling Station Holt. 

I look forward to seeing you then.